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valentines day roses

Roses on Valentines Day

Between school, Fashion Week, and Valentine’s Day, this week feels a little bit like a marathon. I’m not complaining because I feel like I won it, but I’m just a little exhausted after all of it. Actually, this morning I ran to the grocery store to pick up a cucumber – to depuff my eyes. And yesterday after I cleaned our apartment, Josh found a toaster in the refrigerator (where was my head??). So I’m remembering wonderful moments from this past week with lots and lots of photos, but this weekend we’re all about relaxing. Happy weekend!

novis collection

Beautiful French-Inspired looks from the Novis presentation

valentines day card

A sparkly card

hair appointment

Getting my hair curled before a show

weekend pancakes

Taking a moment for homemade pancakes (recipe coming up soon)


With Love, Courtney & Josh

Josh is the man behind this blog. Without his professional picture taking, and full support Girl Avant Garde would never be. But he’s camera shy, and as often as I try to coax him into letting me photograph him, he will not have it. But for Valentine’s Day, one of my presents this year is his approval (okay, forced approval) of this post. Without further ado, here’s 50 things about my man and me.

Courtney & Josh

Linzer Heart Cookies

valentines day heart cookies

The Valentine’s Day posts are coming up on Girl Avant Garde faster than you can say love. (I told you it was one of my favorite holidays). Today I decided to share my hands down, absolute favorite, no competition, you will love it, cookie. Ever. I remember being little and visiting the bakery after school with my mom and running straight over to the linzer heart cookies. I ate mine so fast that I always got a stomache ache. But that didn’t stop me from loving them. If you need proof that I’m a little more mature now, then this post is it. I can make my own linzer heart cookies, eat and savor them slowly, and share them with my loved ones. To make your own, I recommend this recipe. Bon appetit!

rolling pin heart cookie cutter

homemade heart cookies

Valentine Dress

courtney starr

Dress c/o London Times | Watch - Michael Kors | Shoes - Jimmy Choo | Lip Gloss – Becca, Hotel California

The dreamer in me plans my outfits for special events and even holidays way in advance. For our Valentine’s Day dinner date, I’ll be wearing this maxi. Navy, green, and white is a refreshing and unexpected contrast from the shades of pinks and reds on everyone else and the length of the dress is romantic in its own way. Because I’ll be going straight from class to dinner, I’ll dress it down during the day with a long cardigan, and then show off the neckline when the sun sets.

pink roses

courtney starr

color block maxi close up

girl avant garde

Flower Display

pink roses

I’m not quite sure where their cheery magic stems from (pun intended), but few things make me happier than a $10 bouquet of roses from the Flower District in New York. With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, I thought I’d share my tips for keeping flowers healthy and beautiful.

pink roses

1. Take bouquet out of wrapper (Okay, this step is obvious).

how to make flowers last longer

2. Snip off the end of the stems (or more if you’re fitting the flowers into a short vase).

how to display roses

3. Create a grid using tape. This will keep the flowers spread out and in place. Then fill vase 1/4 way with fresh water.

pink roses

4. Place flowers into the squares on your “grid”. Make sure to water daily!